Energy is the foundation of Human civilization and critical for our survival as a species. Right now, there are seven billion people on the earth, with one billion added every ten years. From fire, through beasts of burden, all the way to the industrial revolution's exploitation of coal and oil, mankind's progress has been tied to energy. Oil and coal, while currently plentiful, create both environmental problems and the unavoidable truth that, with our expanding population, we will soon face critical shortages.

   Although we have a few nuclear sources, most energy originates from the sun. Oil and coal are stored sunlight from a by-gone era. Wind, hydro and biomass are more renewable but expensive and not able to meet realistic demands. For the long-term survival of civilization, we need to find better ways of tapping into the almost limitless power the sun sends us every day. This book describes a device designed to directly capture sunlight, and do it with an efficiency capable of rivaling or exceeding our current methods. 

   Unlike electric power stations, a Ferromagnetic Generator is not tied to the Carnot Cycle and isn't forced to waste two-thirds of its incoming energy source. This tremendous efficiency boost should create cheap electric power as well as creating non-polluting hydrogen gas as a transportable fuel.

Copyright 2017
John Boyle
As I worked, I built an extensive website describing my progress and the problems I encountered. It ended up being pretty long and involved, and I admit, rather redundant.

After admitting I needed to update it and make it more readable, I created a this more compact site. As it doesn't include everything I did, I decided to rebuild the old site, dropping much that wasn't necessary, but providing a more complete overview of my work for anyone who wanted to examine this idea in more detail. This site is for all of you crazy inventers out there.